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WLAN Wireless Connectivity Perfect for StudentsGive your employees freedom to move and be more productive by going wireless. Wireless LAN equipment is giving new freedoms for workers who have always been tethered to their desks and workstations. The movement to wireless local area networks is expected to increase substantially over the next few years. The technology is here and many businesses are eager to have it.Only 2% of North American colleges and Universities have adopted wireless lan technology but they are leading the way. School mandates are to allow students and faculty to access LAN systems anywhere on campus not just in libraries and student computer halls. College and University buying cycles are slow therefore adoption could be much more rapid. Some companies report that 30% of their orders are now for 802.11n related technologies. A study by LAN Product news expects WLAN adoption growth and Infonetics projects 57% of small, 62% of medium, and 72% of large organizations in North America will have them deployed by 2009.What are some of the actual benefits for business adoption of Wlan technology and systems?In the health care industry, staff in hospitals can gain access to mission-critical patient information and improve communications with pharmacists, doctors, nurses and other staff of hospitals. In the manufacturing sector, product design, production quality control, maintenance activities, and troubleshooting are all improved due to mobile employee contact at all times. In the warehousing sector, inventory tracking, shipping, and contacting drivers are all vastly improved with the mobility of wireless lan systems. In retail stores, inventory management, price display and verification, create less waiting times for customers. In business offices and school offices, physical cabling and disconnection is reduced and class seating can be arranged as needed for a lesson. In the restaurant industry orders can be input by management with real time views of inventory from anywhere on the restaurant property and customers can place their orders to waiters with handheld units. Workers in the field in any industry can have real time access to business information including accounts, forms, email, and voice messaging saving governments and businesses millions of dollars by not having to travel back and forth to their main business location or local government office.Instead of people having to serve the system, the system is now flexible enough to go to the people it serves. Breakthroughs in LAN equipment is a major reason for the switchover to wifi lan systems however end users are demanding it too.Motorola Corporation, well known for its microprocessors, radios, and cell phone technology has become a dominant developer and manufacturer of equipment and software for the new Wlan networking market. Motorola now boasts the largest base of installed LAN switches, more than 125,000 WLAN switches worldwide. Motorola’s newest LAN switch called the RFS6000 wireless switch supports roaming connectivity to the LAN with WiFi multimedia capability.The improvement in productivity on a national basis is staggering. From voice over wireless lan to wireless bar code scanning on warehouse floors, the wireless revolution is making it easier for employees from Toronto to Ottawa to Montreal to improve their productivity and keep their companies in business.